Fitness Mondays: Cardio/Ab Circuit Workout

Hello peeps,

Excuse my lack of posts last week.

I have a big project at work that required overtime and it’s still ongoing as of this week.

This week, I will try my best to post this Thursday (my day off), instead of Wednesday and Friday.

Now to the matter at hand.

Welcome back to another Fitness Monday with this week workout being a Cardio and Ab Circuit.

Very simple, but impactful.

Cardio/Ab Circuit Workout

5 Mountain Climbers

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Crunches

40 Jump Rope

15 Leg Raises

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Sec Plank

20 Jump Rope

25 Russian Twists

10 Jumping Jacks

30 Scissor Kicks

5 Jump Rope

Rest 60 Secs

Repeat 1x

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Hit me up in the comments and let me know if you tried this.

Until the next Fitness Mondays



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Fitness Mondays: cardio/ab circuit workout