Fitness Mondays: Arm Workout Part 2

Before, we get into the Arm Workout Part 2, lets get some announcements out the way.

Praise God! My work project is done and over, so it’s back to my regular schedule.  Sad news is that OT is over, but it’s all good.  There were some unexpected drama surrounding the end of the project, but it’s over, it’s in the past, moving on………

Arm Workout Part 2

You know, during Arm workouts are my favorite workouts to do.  However, I swear next to the abs, the arms are my most troubled area.

Not to mention, after weight loss surgery or even if you’ve had over 100 lbs to lose, then you realize that you didn’t get that weight on overnight and you’re not going to lose it overnight.

Enough of me rambling.

Here is Arm Workout Part 2:

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**Remember Arm Circles is backward and forward**

30 Push Ups

30 Tricep Dips

30 Arm Circles

40 Push Ups

40 Tricep Dips

40 Arm Circles

50 Push Ups

50 Tricep Dips

50 Arm Circles

Rest 60 secs between sets

Repeat 1-2x

It should be more intense, because the reps are more.

Let me know in the comments, if you’ve tried this out or if you are going to try it.

See yall next Fitness Mondays!



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Fitness Mondays: Arm Workout Part 2