March Goals Results & April Goals

March 2017 Goals Results & April 2017 Goals

Reaching any monthly goals this month was a challenge due to work.

In the middle of March, I had a huge project that had me working 6 days a week.  Not to mention that part 2 of the project is early May.

However, I actually had a lot of successes, in spite of my business schedule.  So, lets get into it, shall we…..

March Goals


Use cpap machine every night (Lord help me on this one – Epic Fail)
Schedule my cat’s vet appointment (Shoot, I forgot)
Study the bible each night (The majority of the nights, but not every night)


Lose 10 lbs (I’m still stalling)
No diet soda (I pick this habit up again in one week) (Fail)
Drink a gallon of water a day (I have been drinking more water, but not a gallon)
Workout 5-6 days a week or twice in one day for 3x a week (Success)
Increase weight lifting (I’m currently working out at home, instead of the gym)


Track spending more (Success)
Have at least 4 no spend days per week (With the exception of buying food, it was a success)
Start saving for Vegas Trip in June (Yep)
No shopping on Amazon, Homegoods, or Ebay (new addictions) – Success

Blogging/Social Media (**(check out blog and income report for results)**

Facebook Page: 200 likes
Twitter: 500 Followers
Pinterest: 600 Followers
Page Views: 2000
Make 1 affiliate sale

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April Goals

April is very special for two reasons.

My baby sister is named April and my birthday is April 24.

In addition to my birthday, school starts this month (well it started Monday) and I can already tell you, I have two papers due this semester.

And the goals are……


Read 1 book a month

Binge watch Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow and The Detour (I have a lot of catching up to do on both shows)


Continue to Track Spending

Stick with Budget

Have 3 days of no spending


Complete weekly assignments on time

Start 1st paper that is due in May


Complete entire month of Hip Hop Abs

Workout 5-6 days a week

No diet sodas

Eat at least 2 salads a week

Break the plateau/stall and get in the 220s

Blogging/Social Media

Focus on one social media

Reach 600 Followers on Pinterest

Use Pinterest as majority traffic for blog

Receive 500-1000 more page views

Well, these are my goals for this month.

I’m going to do my best to complete all of them.

So, what are your goals for April?

Hit me up in the comments



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March 2017 Goal Results & April 2017 Goals