march 2017 blog traffic & income report

March 2017 Blog Traffic & Income Report

March Blog Traffic and Income Report is an interesting one.  I saw a major increase in the middle of the month and then saw a drop towards the end.

I think a lot of the drop had to do with my main job.

I was given a big project at work to do in March, which had me working 6 days a week.


Apparently, the project continues in early May.

Lets not forget, I started grad school this month with my first class being Financial Accounting and yes, there are papers to be done for this class.

10 more weeks til my Vegas trip.

Praise the Lord!

Anyhoo, enough rambling.

Lets see the numbers.


Blogging/Social Media Goals from March Recap

Facebook Page: 200 likes
Twitter: 500 Followers
Pinterest: 600 Followers
Page Views: 2000
Make 1 affiliate sale

Blog Traffic

Apparently, the site hasn’t been receiving hits.

I’m still trying to figure out the ends and outs of Google Analytics.

But, here is how I did with 621 pageviews (which sucks, because the goal was 2,000)

Of course, Site Stats in Jetpack are going to reveal something different, which the pageviews were 1,177 (I like that number better)

Social Media

Pinterest: 600 (590 Followers) – off by 10 followers, but still good
Twitter: 500 (466 followers) – very close
Facebook Page: 200 (at 158) – Failed, but it’s all good

Income Report


Ad sense: $6.44

Total: $6.44


Pinfinite Growth Course: $87.00
Picmonkey: $7.99
Hostgator: $2.99
Tailwind: $15.00

Total: $112.98

Total Income – Total Expenses

= Net Income: $ -106.54

I’m still counting those baby steps and I’m also continuingly educating myself more blog wise.

So, let’s give it up for March and I look forward to this month results.



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march 2017 blog traffic & income report