3 Ways That Tell You Differently.......When The Scale Doesn't Move?

The scale can be your friend, but it can also be your enemy.

These past 3 months, the scale fluctuate between 230s and 245.

At first, I was discouraged and then depressed.

I fell back on hard habits, but I’m learning to stop letting those old habits creep back in simply, because I’m depressed.

I’m cool now…btw

I’m still trying to break that plateau, which the NP at my surgeon’s office said was completely normal.

Right now, the scale is my enemy that I will turn back into a friend.

For now, I’m relying on how I feel overall.

Here are 3 ways to tell that you are losing, even when the scale tells you differently.

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1) Your Clothes (Believe It or Not, also Your Shoes)

I just got back from shopping for an Easter dress and learned that I can now wear a size 18 and can fit into a 0X shirt. Some of the clothes, I purposely got a 20, because of the bust portion of the body, because them heifers need to breathe too.

Bottom line, I haven’t been able to fit into a size 18, since high school.

I’m also able to wear normal width shoes and not wide width. In fact, I was a size 10, before my surgery. Now, I’m a 9 and 9 ½.

So, the scale may not be moving, but I’m dropping dress and shoe sizes.

2) Measure Yourself

Get a measuring tape from a store like Walmart, Target, or any store that you can get fabric and sewing supplies, like Michaels or Joann’s fabrics.

At the first of the month, take measurements of your waist, hips, bust, arms, neck, and thighs, and then again at the end of the month to see where you are.

If your results are different, but the scale is still not moving, then you’re losing inches and that’s a good thing.

3) Other People’s Opinion

Seriously, folks love to give their opinion and they are quick to tell you that you’re gaining weight. But, they also love to tell you, when you’re losing, as well.

I still have co-workers, tell me that my clothes are getting baggy and I’m coming down.

Increasing my workouts recently, showed my Mama, that I was still losing weight and she saw a difference.

The scale, especially at the Doctor’s office, can scare you into submission, but don’t let it get you down and more importantly, don’t let it be the sole way you track your progress.

Trust your instincts and use the above tips to really tell you where you are in your journey.

I will continue to do this for myself.

In fact, I’m not weighing myself again, until April 30.

My goal was to reach the 220’s by my birthday, which is April 24, but I’m not going to give in. I’ll check it April 30 and whatever it says, so be it.

I hope these tips have helped someone, just like it helped me.

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Until next time,

Have a Happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday!



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3 Ways That Tell You Differently.......When The Scale Doesn't Move?