Hello I’m Jade,

Budgets and Weights was an accountability blog, but I decided to make it a lifestyle blog instead.  My passion for writing is what fuels me to make this change. I’m also a Future CPA..working on Masters in Accounting.  Makeup Addict. Recovering Pepsiholic.

Please join me on this journey:

A little about me

1. I’m a Taurus

2. I still have stuff animals

3. I’m in my mid-30s

4. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business

5. I have a cat named Leia (yes named after Princess Leia)

6. I’m a huge Star Wars fan

7. I’m a Batman fan and I still love Christian Bale’s version

8. I’m a Christian

9. I’m a girly girl with a tomboy streak

10. I love Pinot Grigio

11. I’m not a morning person

12. Not really a night owl either

13. I love Vegas

14. I’m not into Empire, The Walking Dead, or Game of Thrones

15. I have a little sister

16. I had mononucleosis

17. I also have Epstein  Barr Virus

18. My favorite TV shows are The Flash and Supergirl, used to be Arrow and NCIS

19. I still watch Golden Girls reruns

20. I still hold out hope that they will revive Happy Endings

Updated from 10 Things you don’t know about me Post:

1) My first name is Jasmine.

My first name is not Jade.

Jade is a nickname that a friend gave to me, because he jokingly said I had a split personality.

I liked it so much that I use it, when I don’t want to reveal my first name.

2) I’m Afraid of Escalators

Apparently, I’ve always had this fear, according to my mom.  I don’t really understand why, because everywhere I go (malls, airports, ikea) has escalator.

I’ve actually tried and fail to get help for this phobia, but I get panic attacks whenever I attempt to get on an escalator, up and down.

3) I don’t know how to ride a bike

Seriously, it’s probably a sad thing and it doesn’t help that I dream a lot of riding bikes.

But by the time I wanted to learn, I said forget it, I have a driver’s license.

This little boy in my neighborhood used to tease my sister about this, but she read dude back with “At least my sister can drive”.

One day I’ll attempt to learn again and I think seriously, I know how to ride, but subconsciously it’s probably due to a fear of failing, heights, etc.  I don’t do high places, but I will get a hotel at the top floor in a min.  I’m weird.

4) I was a New Ager, before I gave my life to Jesus

This is true. Yep, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, that was me.

I’m not sure, if being a Free Spirit (which I still consider myself at times) and bohemian had anything to do with it.  I was just drawn to the spiritual world.

I used to dabble in tarot cards and used to be heavy into horoscopes.

As well as, reading people’s auras.  I was into Feng Shui, numerology, etc.

I’m not anymore.

Because now I’m in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

5) I am a Trained Ballet Dancer

I used to have a Dancing career.

I had the pointe (toe) shoes, I was able to do a split at one time.

In addition to ballet, I’ve also danced modern, tap, jazz, African dance (OMG this will make you sweat), etc.

Ballet is just my first love.

6) I Don’t Like Donuts

I know, I know, but yeah.  If you see me eat a donut, I am really hungry and there is nothing else I can’t eat.

I don’t know why I don’t like donuts and I get strange looks at work, but I’m happy this is one pastry that is not in my life.

I am tired of telling the same people that ask every month, if I want a donut that I don’t like it.

7) I was a Huge Power Ranger Fan

I’m still a Power Ranger fan, but I was selective of which seasons I would watch.

I got tired of them changing the teams each year.

My all-time fav is always going to be the Original 5 (Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Kimberly)

I had the biggest crush on Austin St. John, the guy that played Jason.  And I was highly disappointed to learn that he was married.  (I was planning on going to some conventions and get my mack on, but whatever)

8) My Favorite Dish is Corn Pudding

This stuff is good, but sadly, I had to say goodbye due to the gastric bypass.

I miss it though.

9) I Didn’t Get Food Allergies until My Late 20s

You’ll be amazed at how quick these allergies came on.

I’m allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish (shrimp, crab, etc.), raw onions (I can only eat them cooked).

In addition, I found out in my 20s that I’m allergic to guinea pigs, the rodent family, rabbits (I wanted one so bad), and poinsettias, and BS (lol)

10) I Taught Myself how to Swim

I got tired of playing the shallow end and watch what I saw and mimic the movements.

Then, a lifeguard just told me to kick my feet, while during the different strokes and I was able to graduate to the deep end.

I don’t qualify to go to the Olympics and I still don’t know how to do that underwater somersault, but one day for sure.

Stay tuned………………………..